Who We Are

We are a big network and a steady base of many competent producers, sound engineers, film makers, video editors and musicians that during two decades has been building up studios around in the country and abroad and have been able to produce music, voice and film projects and in the meantime also help each other out.

Here we help companies, operations, solo artists, bands / music groups, ”influencers”, Youtubers, Vloggers, actors and other musicians with creating finished professional voice, music and film productions.

What We Offer

Instead of paying high overprizes per hour or pay “different prize taxes” per day, night, weekdays or weekends, we instead offer you fellow human package/fixed prizes with all included.

-Are you looking for musical assignments? Maybe for record companies, music publishers like entertainers or such.

– Or maybe a podcast or other voice recordings or film productions?

Then you need a professional recording, come to us and record in one of our music studio, sound studio, recording studio, film studio that also goes under the name ”film recording studio” among people in Stockholm/Sweden.

-If you are having production ideas or such we happily help you with the whole process from start to a finished product.

2K Productions happily share our many year and long time recording competence.

Read more about what we can offer and feel free to contact us already today for booking a recording session or you are welcome to come to us for a consultation free of charge.

– For more exact info about price & services we got and also if you have a special request about other productions you cant find here on our website and you need answers in the english language, please contact us.

Very welcome